What’s this Supper Club all about…and, who’s ‘Lynn’?

me   Hi,  I’m Lynn…thank you for visiting my website!

Some of you out there may not be familiar with the Supper Club concept.  I suppose it means different things to different people, but in general it’s when individuals and/or small groups of people reserve seats to have a communal meal (and usually with the understanding that they will be dining with total ‘strangers’) at a particular restaurant, venue, or in my case, in someone’s home, and for a particular date/time.  Sometimes this is referred to as ‘mealsharing’, and there are entire websites that are dedicated to matching up hosts/chefs with diners.  Such websites are often referred to as the ‘food versions of Airbnb‘.

After attending a number of wonderful in-home communal dinners over the years, in June 2016 I decided maybe I should start my own Supper Club.  I’ve always loved cooking, entertaining, making new friends with other New Yorkers, and meeting travelers who are visiting this amazing city. I never consider or refer to myself as a ‘chef’, but rather as a hostess who happens to also love preparing meals.

I’m originally from Boston and moved to NYC in 2001. I’d wanted to live here for the longest time, and when the time was right I quit my job, sold my condo, packed up a small U-haul, and drove with a friend to my one-month Chelsea sublet.  Within a few weeks I found an apartment for myself (in Harlem) and…with NO broker fee!  Two months later I got a job with a very large accounting/consulting firm, where I still work today.

My interests really run the gamut, everything from high-fashion, modern art and photography to foreign language/film/travel, hiking, gardening and billiards.  Oh, and cooking and entertaining.  😉

My Supper Club hosts periodic intimate dinners in my (tiny) Astoria, Queens apartment.  I also host the occasional Afternoon High-Tea event, or a Weekend Brunch.  Please be sure to check out Testimonials from prior guests at the bottom of my Home Page here, on my Facebook page, or on the Mealsharing.com platform.

I’ve had occasions in the past where I arranged Supper Club events around tourists’ travel dates in NYC.  If you plan to visit NYC for business or leisure and would be interested in my arranging an event during your stay, please get in touch with me.

Thank you for your consideration of me and my Supper Club!