Soigné Dinner for Two at Joel Robuchon Restaurant

While I’ve yet to post my own first blog…in the meantime I simply HAD to share this one about a spectacular-looking meal that a couple had in order to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, in Tokyo!

Travels With Nano

Five years of being together and three years of marriage… we thought the date was worthy of a luxurious dinner in the culinary temple of French haute cuisine – three Michelin-starred Joel Robuchon Restaurant.  joel-robuchon-restaurant-tokyo-1The magnificent chateau stands like a statement piece in-between skyscrapers of Ebisu and oozes elegance and glamour inside and out. joel-robuchon-restaurant-tokyo-44Once inside, a French speaking host escorts you up a marble staircase to the main dining hall which strikes with its royal opulence and formality – crystal chandeliers, mirrors gilded with Swarovski gems, champaign gold draped curtains and black tablecloths. joel-robuchon-restaurant-tokyo-26joel-robuchon-restaurant-tokyo-16The place hums along almost like an enchanted castle, where drinks magically refill, silverware appear, and plates are cleared at just the right time. The atmosphere is formal but certainly not stuffy. joel-robuchon-restaurant-tokyo-34“There is no such thing as the perfect meal. You can always do better.” – Joel Robuchon has always strived for perfection…

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